Meet Ricardo, White Label Casinos’ multi-talented PSP Onboarding Manager. From securing optimal payment solutions across markets to dabbling in some impromptu salsa lessons, Ricardo wears many hats (sometimes quite literally, although he refused to send a pic). We caught up with him to discuss WLC’s core values, his personal philosophy, and some anecdotes that embody what we stand for – useful stuff, if we do say so ourselves. Strap in for a delightful Q&A session filled with insights, humour, and a sprinkle of weirdness.

1. Introduce yourself to us. Who are you? And what’s your gig here at White Label Casinos? 
I‘m the PSP Onboarding Manager, just one more member of the WLC flock. My job is to explore, research and negotiate to bring optimal payment solutions to all the markets our clients operate in, where we want to migrate and secure them. P.S. Sometimes I’m also a Spanish teacher, salsa, merengue, and bachata instructor. Well, maybe not officially, but I do share my ‘expertise’ with my amazing colleagues, when the mood strikes. 

2. When you first heard about our shiny new core values, what did you think (honest reaction!)? Does anyone actually give a sh*t about them other than the marketing team? 
When I first heard I wanted to shout: Finally they put words to the values we had already been professing! Thanks Marketing team, but you had it easy, you just described what was already happening.

Ok Ricardo, we get the message. 

3. Is there a crossover between our values and your own? Getting a bit personal now, aren’t we? 
My father instilled in me the culture of hard work and fighting for my passions. My mother taught me that honesty and respect go hand in hand, and my grandparents were a living example that giving and helping is also a gift to our soul when we do it from the heart, so in a weird way, yes, there are many values in common.

4. Which of the five core values is your favourite? Could we take a guess and say it’s ‘We’re weird, but respectfully.’? 
In fact yes… and I will quote “A man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds”. Being weird is synonymous with being different, once you embrace your weirdness you break the barrier of social paradigms, you are freer, more human, more capable, less limited and above all more respectful, because you understand that we all have our own weirdness. 

Is this man in the right profession? A poet if we ever saw one.

5. Spill the beans; have you got a story to share of your fave value in action at White Label Casinos? We love a good tale! 
Taking a call from a provider while you’re about to go sledging in Switzerland with your colleagues for the company’s anniversary, put the camera on, wow them with the landscape, get a better price, hang up and add another reason to celebrate? That’s working hard, but not taking life Quack-ing seriously.

6. What’s your pro tip for new hires to help them embrace these values? 
It’s easy, come to the office, work hard, laugh with us, go out on a Friday for a beer and join our Karaoke sessions. I assure you that you won’t need to read the values on the site to embrace them and make them part of your life. If you’re a remote worker, no problem, surely in your country there will be many of our team, same values, same goals! 

7. Anything else you wanna share about our core values and how they’ve had an impact on your time here at WLC? Lay it on us! 
It is easier when these values were already part of your life before working in this company but seeing that we all point in the same direction gives you peace of mind and the desire to improve yourself every day. 

And there you have it, folks – Ricardo’s unique take on WLC’s core values. Have we interviewed the most wholesome man at White Label Casinos? Quite possibly! Has it worked in our favour? Most definitely! 
If you’re anything like Ricardo, and by that we mean, you embrace your weirdness, work hard, and never take life too quacking seriously, then it’s a sure thing that you would find your place in this team. We’re always on the hunt for weird and wonderful hot talent, just take a peep at our careers page and see what we have to offer. Trust us, you won’t regret it.