DUCK, That’s Hot: Charity Edition – Raising Money for Animals in Need

mspca fundraiser

The Challenge

CEO, and professional chicken wing consumer Phil Pearson, and Business Development Manager, Oliver Mitchell, acclaimed ultra hot sauce master and chicken wing connoisseur, reached the final round, but how exactly, did they achieve it? (HINT: lots of donated money and milk, gallons of it). 

It turns out that challenging your outlandish CEO to taste the Guinness World Record’s hottest sauce does in fact, make a difference.  

We set out to raise money in 2023, a hell of a lot of money for the charity, MSPCA 

Not only did we make money for this amazing charity, but our video of two guys ‘casually’ eating chicken wings asking each other questions about the company’s future and drinking gallons of milk to cool down their “fire of soul” as the CEO describes, makes others want to join in and donate money too. Funny, that. 

Extra bits for your enjoyment

Phil vs Oli- Who can handle the heat?

Our teams hedge their bets.

WLC Takes on the Challenge

When the sauce is so spicy it nearly brings on an asthma attack…

Hear from the MSPCA President & Fundraising Manager

The real reason for the challenge madness. Learn more about the excellent MSPCA cause and how the money will be used to help dogs and cats live a better life.

Official Press Release

Spreading the word about the challenge means raising awareness and more much-needed funds for the dogs and cats in need in Malta. Read the full press release now. 

The MSPCA Legends

The Malta SPCA is the oldest animal charity in the country, having opened its doors in 1937 as a rehoming centre for cats and dogs.

Their amazing teams run a wellbeing programme which focuses on the intake, rehabilitation and rehoming of homeless animals in Malta, leading to the creation of a diverse community of passionate volunteers.

They also run various educational programmes to improve the awareness and knowledge of animal welfare within the community, targeting all age groups from school children to the elderly.

malta spca

There is no better way to donate

  • We have just under 80,000 EUROS left to hit our target.  
  • Answer a work related question.  
  • Eat through 10 rounds of chicken wings dipped in progressively spicy hot sauce.  
  • Help promote animal care and banish cruelty, donate money individually or as a corporate partner here.

Time to get cracking on your casino!