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The online casino games provider Arcadem has always been a bit mysterious in the way that they operate. It seems like they’re always lurking in the shadows until they suddenly jump out at you with a brand new game release that you didn’t see coming. We’re not really sure if this is intentional or if it’s just a result of the dynamics of being a smaller niche studio, but somehow it gives them a bit of an edge and the quality of their games is always superior, so this strategy seems to be paying off for them whether it’s intentional or not. After you’ve had a chance to finish reading through our Arcadem review below, we think you’ll agree that this game developer is poised to continue delivering quality content via more games for the foreseeable future.


About Arcadem

Arcadem Introduction

  • Established in 2020
  • Portfolio of 20+ Slots
  • Frequent New Game Releases

Company Biography

As we alluded to above, Arcadem isn’t exactly the most visible software provider in the iGaming industry, but there are a few things we can tell you about them right off the bat. For starters, they were established in 2020 and they are currently headquartered in Malta. They have a relatively small team working on their games behind the scenes, which may explain why they aren’t overly concerned with maintaining a visible presence in the industry. Instead, it’s safe to say that Arcadem’s team focuses its efforts on creating the best games possible, which is something they’ve certainly had some success with in the years that they’ve been in business.

Slots-Only Software Provider

When it comes to the games that Arcadem has developed over the years, it’s worth noting that all of their titles have been online slots. This isn’t unusual at all because many of the best casino software providers have elected to focus on a single game vertical, which allows them to really perfect the craft of creating games for their chosen vertical.

Although Arcadem’s collection of games isn’t as robust as some of the more mainstream software providers, they’ve still managed to do a fantastic job of creating games with a number of different themes that appeal to a wide variety of casino players. Some of the games and themes that they’ve covered so far include the sports-themed game Arcadem Jam, the fairytale-themed Alice’s Wonderland Journey, and the futuristic-themed Galactic Tour.

Here at White Label Casinos, our favorite game of theirs however is titled Book of Insert Name Here. If you’re familiar with online casinos or just casinos in general, you’re likely well aware that just about every software provider has at least one “book of” slot in their catalog. Arcadem is no different in this regard, but they’ve certainly taken a different approach with Book of Insert Name Here. They’re essentially mocking all of the game providers that have insisted on including a “book of” slot in their portfolio, but they’ve done so by creating a game that’s actually a lot of fun to play. There’s really no other game quite like it, which explains why it has been performing so well since its release.

The Best Arcadem Slots Features

  • Premium Sounds on all Games
  • Unique Animations & Graphics
  • Enhanced Game Features

If you take a moment to try out any of the Arcadem games that they’ve created so far, you’re sure to be impressed with the level of detail that they’ve clearly put into each one of their titles. For starters, each Arcadem slot machine is equipped with some really impressive sound effects that help make for an immersive gaming experience.

When you combine their awesome sound effects with their unique animations and graphics, the process of playing Arcadem slots really becomes something of an adventure. We’re not exactly sure who’s creating all of the graphics behind the scenes, but we are big fans of their work because it really makes Arcadem’s games stand out from all of the others.

Another thing that helps Arcadem’s games really stand out is that they are all loaded with enhanced game features that players just can’t seem to get enough of. The most popular feature of course is the “bonus buy” feature that is present on most of Arcadem’s titles. When this feature is activated, it allows your players to instantly trigger the bonus round in exchange for a set fee. This is a great way to experience the best parts of each game without having to play spin-after-spin hoping to trigger the bonus round organically.

Given all of Arcadem’s best slots features listed above, we are proud to make their games available to our clients via our whitelabel casino software as well as our crypto casino software.

Social Media Presence

Oddly enough, Arcadem is a bit more present on social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter than they are on their own website. This may seem a little strange at first, but it’s actually pretty typical of a lot of different game providers (especially amongst smaller niche studios). In many cases, social media is more beneficial because it’s a channel that can be used to reach active users in the industry who don’t often have time to browse through the individual websites of each game provider. So if you’re ever looking for the latest gossip from Arcadem, be sure to give them a follow on their social channels to ensure you never miss a beat when it comes to their latest happenings.

Arcadem in Review

  • Growing Collection of 20+ Online Video Slots
  • Active on Social Media
  • Innovative & Engaging Game Mechanics

Arcadem FAQs

When was Arcadem established?

Arcadem was founded in 2020.

Are there any free Arcadem slots?

Yes, you can try most Arcadem slots for free before you start playing for real money.

What are some of Arcadem's top games?

Merlin and the Philosopher’s Stone, Neon Samurai, Neon Samurai Kawa, Undying Romance, and Eternal Night are all popular titles from Arcadem.

Are there any welcome bonus offers available for Arcadem's slots?

This varies from casino to casino, but many of our white label casinos offer different types of free spins bonus promotions that can be used on most slots.


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