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80+ Hit Online Slot Machine Games​

The casino game provider BF Games is a modern game development studio that’s laser-focused on creating hit slot games for online casinos. They boast a portfolio of 80+ slots at the moment and are churning out new games faster than most pilgrims were known to churn butter. Well, maybe not quite that fast, but certainly at a respectable rate! Anyhow, we’ve got a fantastic working relationship with BF Games and we are thrilled to be able to make their full collection of slot machines available to all of our clients. Whether you’re just starting to think about opening your own casino or you’re looking to refresh your existing casino lobby with some new content, our white label casino solutions make the process of adding titles from BF Games easy peasy lemon squeezy! Wanna know a little more about BF Games before taking the plunge? Continue reading our BF Games review below to get to know their deepest and darkest secrets!

About BF Games​

A Quick Look Under the Hood of BF Games

  • Established in 2013
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Bee-Fee
  • Portfolio of 80+ Slot Games
  • MGA & UKGC Licensed Game Provider


Company History

Having been around for more than a decade now, BF Games is no longer the new kid on the iGaming block and in fact they’re actually one of the longest-tenured companies dedicated to making online casino games. They are owned and operated by Bee-Fee Ltd. and were themselves formerly known as BeeFee until changing their name a little while back to BF Games.

Officially registered in London, BF Games and Bee-Fee LTD. in particular have grown to become quite a global business over the years. These days, they are active in several jurisdictions including Switzerland, Poland, Malta, Sweden, and at least a handful of others. Given their experience and their trajectory of growth as of late, we fully expect BF Games to continue to thrive and expand in the coming years.

Slots, Slots, & More Slots

We’ve said it before and now it’s time to say it again; BF Games is a slots-only game provider (at least for now). It’s something they do incredibly well and we’re certainly not going to argue with a company that’s dedicated to sticking to what they know best.

Lately, it seems like damn near every game provider is going out of their way to create at least one title for literally every game type imaginable. And in almost all instances, this backfires and casino operators along with their players are left with a cluttered casino lobby filled with mediocre game titles. So it’s very refreshing to see BF Games avoiding this trap and maintaining their focus on developing casino games that are entertaining and appealing to players.

Most Popular Slots from BF Games

What’s great about BF Games is that they don’t shy away from letting anybody and everybody know which of their games are performing well at any given time. Simply visit their website and you’ll see a regularly updated list of their top 10 “moneymakers” as they call them. We can crunch our own numbers to corroborate this, but we’ll take their word for it and share with you some of their titles that are known to perform well with casino players from around the world.

The first three BF Games online slots on this list include the titles Stunning Hot, Burning Slots, and Book of Gods. Both Stunning Hot and Burning Slots are fruit-themed games, while Book of Gods is an Egyptian-themed game. To us, it’s no surprise that these are amongst the top BF Games slots because fruit-themed games have always performed well over time and “book of” slots is without question one of the most widely used game types across all casino game providers.

Their list of moneymakers continues with titles including Stunning Cash Ultra, Buffalo Trail, Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe, and Burning Slots 40. The common factor between these games is that they are all originals or variants of games that either are or have spawned sequels. Generally speaking, if a game is a part of a series of others, it can be assumed that it’s going to be a decent game for the most part seeing as the game provider thought it was worthwhile to turn it into a series.

Rounding out the list of 10 moneymaking video slots from BF Games are the titles Stunning Hot Remastered, Cave of Xmas, and Stunning Cash. Stunning Hot Remastered and Stunning Cash are once again popular fruit-themed games, but Cave of Xmas is the game that stands out the most to us from this set of three. For starters, it’s a holiday-themed slot machine, but it’s actually a variant of a game called Cave of Gold that was a big hit for BF Games. It’s honestly an all-around great game and it’s clear that BF Games spared no expense to create a game that would perform well during the holiday season and beyond.

Best BF Games Slots Features

  • Crisp Sound Effects
  • Silky Smooth Animations
  • Buy Feature

If you were to spend just a little bit of time bouncing around from game to game to get a feel for why BF Games has managed to be so successful in the iGaming industry over the years, one of the first things that you’d notice is that all of their games are loaded with features that are extremely appealing to both the ears and the eyes.

It’s not unusual for most game providers to have at least a few games in their portfolio that check both of these boxes, but it’s certainly not commonplace for a game provider to be able to check both boxes for their entire portfolio of games. But that’s exactly what BF Games has accomplished because all of their slots are equipped with some extremely crisp sound effects that are coupled with silky smooth animations that are just as entertaining as they are eye-catching.

Additionally, one thing we are huge fans of is that BF Games has been incorporating a wildly popular “buy feature” into their games that essentially allows players to buy their way directly into the bonus round. For a pre-determined fee, players can trigger the bonus round with just the click of a button, which is a revolutionary option that has been taking the industry by storm. Keeping up with the latest industry trends is just one of the many key ingredients that BF Games is utilizing in their long-term recipe for success.

Licensed to Drive (or create slots)

Given that BF Games is no spring chicken in the industry, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that they are dually licensed to provide real money slots to casino players from a variety of key jurisdictions. Their dual licenses include the coveted MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) licenses. Between these two licenses, they are equipped to continue delivering hit games to players in all of the key jurisdictions that we are active in here at White Label Casinos.

BF Games Recap

BF Games FAQs

What year was BF Games established?

BF Games was founded in 2013.

Where can players play BF Games slots?

All of our white label casinos are equipped with the full collection of slots from BF Games and are considered to be some of the best BF Games slot sites around.

Does BF Games have sports betting software available?

No, BF Games doesn’t have sports betting software available, but their parent company Bee-Fee Ltd. does have their own betting service!

Is BF Games licensed?

Yes, BF Games is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Are free spins available on every slot game from BF Games?

Pretty much! When it comes to playing slots, just like with land based games, BF Games has incorporated features like free spins for online play too.


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