Caleta Gaming

Specializing in the Development of Multiple Game Types

Caleta Gaming is a seasoned developer of online casino games and we’re proud to be partnering with them to make all of their titles available to our white label casino software clients. Their areas of expertise include the development of slots, bingo, keno, lotto, and even scratch card games. To learn more about Caleta Gaming and the types of games they create, we invite you to continue reading through our complete software guide below.

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About Caleta Gaming

Caleta Gaming Insights

  • Founded in 2013
  • 100+ Games & Growing
  • Compatible with All Devices & Browsers

Company History

Headquartered in Brazil, with a secondary office in Gibraltar, Caleta Gaming was established in 2013 and they’ve been making hit games for more than a decade now. Their main areas of focus are on the development of slots and bingo games, but they also have experience in creating keno, lotto, and scratch card games. Here at White Label Casinos, Caleta Gaming is the perfect partner because their games are extremely appealing to a very wide audience.

Online Slots

Of the 100+ game titles that Caleta Gaming has brought to market over the years, 70+ of these titles fall in the category of online slots. This of course means that slot games are without question one of Caleta Gaming’s main areas of focus. Some of their most popular slots include World Wild Cup, Classic Royals, and Viking Madness. Given the size of their slots portfolio, it’s safe to say that they’ve covered a large number of themes, which is a big reason why their games have such widespread appeal amongst casino players.

Bingo Games

Although Caleta Gaming has developed more slots than any other game type, with 35+ bingo titles under their umbrella, the amount of bingo games Caleta Gaming has created over the years is certainly significant. And just like their slot titles, all of their bingo games showcase a wide variety of themes, which helps to ensure that their titles cater to all types of bingo players. Some examples of Caleta’s bingo games include the sports-themed Clubhouse Bingo, the animal-themed Whale Bingo, and their holiday-themed Halloween Bingo.

Keno Titles

If you’re a keno player or you know you’ve got some keno players in your player base, you’ll be excited to learn that Caleta Gaming has created more than a handful of visually appealing keno games over the years. They include titles like Jungle Keno, Rainbow Keno, and Keno Goal just to name a few. All of Caleta’s keno games have been thoughtfully developed and we’re confident that your players will enjoy each and every one of them.

Lotto Games

In addition to keno games where numbers are the name of the game, Caleta Gaming has also developed a line of lotto games that are sure to keep your players entertained. We’re not quite talking about the same scale as EuroMillions or Powerball, but rather individually played lotto games with instant results in real-time. Available titles at the moment include Football Lotto, Halloween Lotto, and Atomico Lotto with new lotto games sure to hit the market in the future from Caleta Gaming.

Scratch Cards

The last type of casino game that Caleta Gaming is known for developing is their line of scratch cards. Currently consisting of six titles, Caleta Gaming has taken some of their most popular slot games and turned them into scratch card variants with similar names. There’s the wildly popular Billion Llama Scratchcard, the Football Pro Scratchcard that appeals to sports enthusiasts, and the classic Cherry Cherry Scratchcard just to name a few. When your slot players need a break from the action, scratch cards are the perfect game to keep them entertained.

Caleta Gaming Software Highlights

  • Fast Gameplay Animations
  • Superior Sound Effects
  • Engaging Bonus Rounds

If you take a moment to try out some of Caleta’s games, especially their slot games, you’ll quickly notice that the three things we mentioned above really stand out with just about every game of theirs. In an age where people want everything NOW, it’s extremely refreshing to see how fast the gameplay animations are on all of Caleta Gaming’s titles. Not only that, but their sound effects are fantastic and really help to keep players engaged. And speaking of keeping players engaged, the bound sounds on Caleta’s slot machines in particular are incredibly entertaining, which will certainly go a long way in boosting your player loyalty by ensuring that they are eager to keep coming back for more gaming action on a regular basis.

Caleta Gaming in Review

  • Portfolio of 100+ Casino Games
  • Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, Lotto, & Bingo Games
  • In Business Since 2013

Caleta Gaming FAQs

When was Caleta Gaming established?

Caleta Gaming was founded in 2013.

Where is Caleta Gaming’s headquarters?

Caleta Gaming is headquartered in Brazil.

What type of games does Caleta Gaming make?

Caleta Gaming primarily makes slot machine and bingo games, but has also developed keno, lotto, and scratch card games.

Does Caleta Gaming work with any other companies?

Caleta Gaming is known for working with other companies such as RCT Gaming and Golden Rock Studios.


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