Creators of 100+ Online Slots Titles

Unless you’re completely new to the online gambling industry, there’s a very good chance that you’re already familiar with the software provider GameArt. After all, they’ve been in business for more than a decade now and are responsible for the creation of 100+ different online casino games. We are proud to call them a partner and we relish our role in distributing their library of games to players from around the world via our white label casino clients. Please continue reading through our complete GameArt casino software review below to learn more about this company and to find out how easy we make it for you to add all of their games to your own casino website.


About GameArt

Introduction to GameArt

  • Makers of 100+ Popular Online Slots
  • 10+ Years in the iGaming Industry
  • Catering to Online & Retail Casinos

About the Company

GameArt was established back in 2013 and they are currently headquartered in Malta, which is where many of the biggest iGaming companies have elected to call home. In the 10+ years that they’ve been in business, they’ve stayed true to their passion of creating engaging slot games that appeal to a wide range of casino players. Although their primary focus is on catering to online casinos, GameArt makes many of their games available to retail casino establishments too. As one of the longest-tenured casino game developers in the industry, they’ve done a fantastic job of building a loyal following and their games are instantly recognized by players and operators alike.

Dedicated Video Slots Provider

Speaking of their games, and as we’ve alluded to above, GameArt’s primary objective over the years has been to focus their efforts almost entirely on creating new and exciting slot games. In most cases, and certainly in this one, we are huge proponents of companies sticking to what they do best. In the gaming industry, it’ quite common for game developers to feel pressured into creating games for multiple verticals, but we admire developers like GameArt who stick to their guns and follow the strategy that works best for them.

The Best GameArt Slots

Now that you know where GameArt’s priorities sit with regards to only creating slot games, you’re probably wondering which of their games are considered to be the best. And we’ve got you covered because we’re happy to share some of the titles that have been performing well for our clients that are utilizing our white label casino software.

As a rule of thumb, one way to find out which games are the most popular is to see if any of them have sequels. Not everyone has access to the raw data like we do in our back office, but you can rest assured that if software providers like GameArt have dedicated the resources to making a sequel of a game, it’s a good bet that the original and subsequent sequel(s) have proven to be popular with players. On that note, some of the GameArt games that have spawned sequels include Money Farm, Piggy Bjorn, African Sunset, and King of Monkeys. These are all fantastic games that we’re certain your players will enjoy if you’re thinking of starting your own casino and adding GameArt casino games to your website.

Other notable titles from GameArt include Gems Elevator, Angry Dragons, Buffalo Sunset, Money Farm Megaways, and Pirate’s Pearl Megaways. The last two games on this list are Megaways slots that were made possible due to a licensing agreement with Big Time Gaming, which is the company that invented the wildly popular Megaways mechanic. They’ve been licensing this mechanic to companies like GameArt who can then incorporate it into their own game creations to help make for an engaging gameplay experience.

Progressive Jackpot Games

For online casino players, there’s really nothing that compares to the possibility of winning a large jackpot while playing games from the comfort of home. The folks at GameArt were quick to recognize this and they’ve since rolled out several different jackpot options that can be enabled on a number of their slot games.

Their jackpot network actually caters to three different consumer markets, but the one that’s available to our clients is their European jackpot network, which makes sense given that both GameArt and White Label Casinos hold a license from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).

Currently available to be enabled on roughly 40 of their slot machines, GameArt’s jackpot network is comprised of both progressive and local jackpots. It is a 4-tier jackpot network consisting of mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots. These jackpots can be configured globally for all games or on an individual slot basis, which makes them the perfect tool for our white label casino operators to take advantage of.

Online & Retail Offerings

Generally speaking, GameArt is most widely known for creating and distributing slot machine games to online casinos. This is the basis that our partnership with GameArt is built on, but it’s worth noting that GameArt also makes some of their products available for retail gaming establishments. Online casino operators often don’t give this concept too much thought, but having games available in both environments can actually be a huge positive for online casino websites. That’s because if players are introduced to games in a local retail establishment, they’re far more likely to be comfortable with the idea of trying the same games at online casino establishments. So although the two types of establishments are often in competition with one another, there’s certainly a lot of positives that come from this type of competition.

Best GameArt Slots Features

  • Fully Responsive Slots
  • Premium Sound & Visual Effects
  • Easy to Navigate Interface

In case you’re wondering what the best GameArt slots features are, look no further because we’ll be happy to tell you! For starters, each and every slot created by GameArt is fully responsive. This means that your players will be able to play on virtually any device, including desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

In addition to being fully responsive, each and every GameArt slot is equipped with premium sound and visual effects. This is very important because outside of the gameplay itself, the sound and visual components of a game can be huge factors that helps drive loyalty and retention for your casino.

Last, but not least, all of their games are incredibly easy to navigate. This is vital to the success of a game because players won’t hesitate to quit a game very quickly if they have any trouble at all with understanding how the game works. Over the years, we’ve seen some really great games fall victim to this, but we’re happy to say that’s never been the case for any of the games created by GameArt. Instead, they deliver a seamless experience for players time and time again, which is one of the main reasons why we’re thrilled to play a part is making their games available to your players via our online white label casino solutions.

GameArt in Review

  • Creators of 100+ Popular Slot Games
  • Progressive & Local Jackpots Available
  • Games Made for Online & Retail Casinos

GameArt FAQs

When was GameArt founded?

GameArt was established in 2013.

What are the best GameArt online casinos?

We are a bit biased, but we like to think that our white label casinos are some of the best GameArt casinos on the market.

Are there any GameArt free slots available?

Yes, many Gameart slots are available as free spins slot machines in addition to real money slots.

Are there any licensed casinos on the GameArt casinos list?

Yes, all of our white label casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Are all GameArt Slots fully responsive?

Yes, their games can be played on both desktop and mobile casinos.


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