Hacksaw Gaming

Portfolio of 120+ Slots & Other Casino Games

In Hacksaw Gaming’s early days, their primary focus was on developing scratchcards for the iGaming industry, but these days they are known for making hit games across multiple verticals including scratchcards, slots, and instant win games. When we say hit games, we’re not exaggerating either because Hacksaw Gaming’s titles have quickly become some of the most played games across all of our white label casinos. To learn more about Hacksaw Gaming and to find out why we’re proud to call them a partner of ours, we encourage you to continue reading through our overview below.

Hacksaw Gaming

About Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming Introduction

  • In Business Since 2017
  • Headquartered in Malta
  • Growing Portfolio of 120+ Games

Company Background

Hacksaw Gaming’s roots in the iGaming industry date back to 2017, which is when they were first established. Like many iGaming companies, they are headquartered in the island country of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Their leadership team includes Marcus Cordes as their CEO and Gabrielle Star as their CCO. In the years that they’ve been in business, they’ve been on a steadily increasing trajectory of growth in no small part due to the popularity of their games. As such, we’re thrilled to call Hacksaw Gaming partners of ours and we’re proud to make all of their games available to our clients via our online casino white label software.

Hacksaw Gaming Scratchcards

As we noted above, Hacksaw Gaming got their start in the iGaming industry by developing scratchcards and they continue to roll out new scratchcards on a regular basis. As is the case with all of their games, their scratchcards are designed with a mobile-first approach, which ensures that they are optimized to work on virtually any device out there. Best of all, they are designed to work in portrait mode, which means that your players won’t have to switch to landscape mode in order to play.

There are a number of great scratchcard titles worth talking about when it comes to Hacksaw Gaming’s creations, but a few that have a tendency to stand out include Tiger Scratch, Chaos Crew Scratch, and Stack’Em Scratch. These games demonstrate Hacksaw Gaming’s unique ability to create scratchcards and slots that are based on the same theme, which really seems to resonate with players because it provides them with a level of familiarity when switching between the two verticals.

Generally speaking, scratchcards are pretty simple games that don’t require a lot of bells and whistles, but that’s precisely why players have a tendency to play them over and over again. And that’s a big reason why we’ve ensured that our clients have a fantastic assortment of Hacksaw Gaming’s scratchcards at their disposal to make available to their casino players.

Hacksaw Gaming Slots

If we had to describe Hacksaw Gaming’s slots in just one word, I think the best word possible would be innovative. Over the years, they’ve been doing some really cutting-edge things when it comes to their slot development and it has been paying widespread dividends. Players have absolutely fallen in love with their slot games, and that has done wonders for casino operators, which in turn has brought a lot of success to Hacksaw Gaming.

What’s really special about Hacksaw Gaming’s slots is that literally every game they create seems to perform well with players from across the world. This is incredibly rare because it’s a lot more common for casino game providers to have just a few hits under their umbrella that accompany a larger selection of mediocre games. Not with Hacksaw Gaming though, because you can single out any one of their titles knowing without a doubt that it’s a world-class game through and through.

Speaking of singling out some of their titles, a few especially noteworthy Hacksaw Gaming slots include Hand of Anubis, The Bowery Boys, and Stormforged. Hand of Anubis is an action-packed slot machine with unique features called Soul Orbs, Underworld, and Judgment. The Bowery Boys is another action-packed slot with features called Strongbox Storage, Daisy’s Dynamite, and Bowery Savings Bank. Stormforged is the newest of the three and just like the other two, it is equipped with numerous features that your players will absolutely love.

If you’re thinking about starting your own casino website, we highly recommend making all of Hacksaw Gaming’s titles available to your players via our managed services.

Hacksaw Gaming Instant Win Games

In addition to scratchcards and slots, Hacksaw Gaming has a fantastic selection of instant win games in their portfolio that are certainly worth a try. They include titles like Mines – Dare 2 Win, Coins – Dare 2 Win, and Boxes – Dare 2 Win. Given their names, it’s pretty self-explanatory what each of these games is all about, but that’s what makes them instantly recognisable and appealing to players. When it comes to niche games like these, players typically know exactly what they’re looking for and it helps immensely being able to find the right games simply by reading the titles. Instant win games are becoming more and more prevalent these days, with mine games becoming especially popular, so it’s great to see an established company like Hacksaw Gaming keeping up with the latest iGaming industry trends.

Top Hacksaw Gaming Software Features

  • Very Fast Loading Times
  • Clean User Interface
  • Bonus Buys Galore

When it comes to software features, Hacksaw Gaming scores well in most areas, but there are a few areas in particular where they really excel. These areas include their loading times, their user interface, and their bonus buys that are available on most games.

In an age where people want things NOW, it’s critical for game providers to do everything in their power to ensure that their games load as quickly as possible, which is exactly what Hacksaw Gaming has done with all of their titles. In a matter of seconds, players can load and begin playing virtually every Hacksaw Gaming title there is, which really helps with metrics like retention and player loyalty that we pay really close attention to here at White Label Casinos.

Not only is it important for games to load quickly, but it’s also important that once a game has loaded, it’s easy to understand and play. And with Hacksaw Gaming’s intuitive user interface, all of their games offer a clean setup that’s easy to navigate, which makes them easy to understand and loads of fun to play.

The last top feature of Hacksaw Gaming’s software that we wanted to briefly touch on are their bonus buys. If you’re not familiar with this term, a bonus buy allows your players to pay a pre-determined fee in order to instantly trigger the bonus round(s) on any given game. This helps to make for a much more engaging and interactive playing experience and has a tendency to keep players coming back for more on a regular basis. A variety of bonus buys are available on nearly of all of Hacksaw Gaming’s titles and this is especially true for their newest games.

Hacksaw Gaming Recap

  • Portfolio Consisting of Slots, Scratchcards & Instant Win Games
  • All Games Feature Fast Loading Times
  • Popular Bonus Buy Features Available on Most Games

Hacksaw Gaming FAQs

When was Hacksaw Gaming established?

They were founded in 2017.

Are there any free Hacksaw Gaming slots?

This differs from casino to casino, but many casino operators offer the best Hacksaw Gaming slots for free in addition to real money.

What are some of the gameplay features available on Hacksaw Gaming’s slots?

Some of the most popular gameplay features include bonus games, wild symbol icons, games with a wide range of reels, easy wagering configurations, and much more.

What are the most popular titles from Hacksaw Gaming?

Some of Hacksaw Gaming’s most popular titles include Mayan Stackways, Magic Piggy, and Frank’s Farm.


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