Leap Gaming

Slots, Table Games, Sports & Lottery

Leap Gaming is a company in the iGaming industry that does a little bit of everything. From developing slots and sports games to table games and lottery games, they are quite literally a one-stop-shop when it comes to online casino content.

On this page, we’ll tell you all about the different types of games that they have become known for. We’re very proud of our partnership with Leap Gaming and we’re thrilled to be able to make their collection of games available via our white label online casino solutions. 

About Leap Gaming

Leap Gaming Quick Hits

  • Complete Suite of 50+ Casino Games 
  • Active Across all Gaming Verticals 
  • Partners of the 1×2 Gaming Network 

An Intro to Leap Gaming

Leap Gaming is no spring chicken in the iGaming industry, having been established back in 2014, which is a very respectable tenure for a casino game provider catering to online white label casinos. Currently headquartered in Nevis, and boasting a team of 50+ employees, they’ve made a name for themselves as innovators when it comes to the games that they’ve brought to market.

This is impressive just by itself, but it’s even more impressive when you take into account that they are creating hit new games across a multitude of gaming verticals each and every month. 

Slots Games

The collection of slots that Leap Gaming has developed over the years consists of 20+ titles covering a wide variety of themes. Some early titles of theirs include Hercules, Do or Die, Secrets of the Nile, and Ali Baba’s Gold. More recent creations of theirs include Nexus, Shields of Troy, and The Banshee.

And in between all those, they managed to create some fun holiday-themed games like Santa’s Gifts and Vampire Kiss. So whatever games your players are in the mood for, we’re confident they’ll be able to find a title or two from Leap Gaming that they’re sure to enjoy. 

Virtual Sports Portfolio

If you happen across the Leap Gaming website, you’ll notice that they have two different “sports” categories of games. They are Instant Sports and Scheduled Sports. Each category boasts around a dozen titles covering everything from golf and football to greyhounds and horses. If you’re a big time sports fan, you’ll be sure to love these games, but many of these titles have even proven to be quite popular with non-sports fans too! Having said that, there has never been a better time for you to build your own casino.

Table Games

With a handful or so of table games in their portfolio and more likely to be in development, Leap Gaming has proven themselves as a reliable provider for this vertical. Some of the games that they’ve created include 300 Carat Blackjack, 300 Carat Roulette, 3D Baccarat, 3D Blackjack, and 3D European Roulette.

What players tend to like most about these games is that they are very realistic and thus incredibly immersive, which helps to mimic the gameplay experience of retail casino establishments. 

Lottery Games

Although lottery games aren’t Leap Gaming’s primary focus by any means, they’ve still created a couple of hit titles in this vertical that are worth a quick mention. They are called Lucky X and Next 6 and both are unique hybrid versions of different types of games.

Lucky X is a hybrid of draw-based lottery games, but with the added excitement of live betting. And Next 6 has a bit of a bingo feel to it, while also drawing on the excitement of live betting. These two games definitely compliment the other titles that make up Leap Gaming’s diverse portfolio. 

Software & Gameplay Information

  • 3D at its Finest 
  • Immersive Animations 
  • State-of-the-art Sound Effects 

Over the years, Leap Gaming has done a really nice job of consistently delivering games that always seem to find a way to stand out. This is evident when you look at nearly every title across each vertical, but it’s especially evident when you try out some of their slots.

Not only do their effort to create a 3D experience pay off big time, but it’s always complimented by very immersive animations, which are supported by state-of-the-art sound effects. It’s really quite easy to understand why players from all around the world have a tendency to gravitate toward the slots and other games created by online casino software provider Leap Gaming. 

Acquisition News & Related Companies

In late 2022, the company IMG ARENA announced that it was set to acquire Leap Gaming early the following year. IMG ARENA is a sports-focused company and given Leap Gaming’s experience in the sports vertical, this acquisition should be a perfect fit for both companies.

Even before the acquisition was announced, IMG ARENA had invested in Leap Gaming as early as 2018, so it must be rewarding for both companies to officially come together to achieve their goals in the sports industry and beyond. 

Leap Gaming in Summary

  • 50+ Games Across Multiple Verticals 
  • Company Founded in 2014 
  • Acquisition Announcement Made in Late 2022 

Leap Gaming FAQs

Where is Leap Gaming headquartered?

They are based in Nevis, but they also have offices in Israel, Malta, and Ukraine. 

Do players like Leap Gaming’s entertainment platform?

Absolutely! Most players get very excited about Leap’s gaming services. 

When it comes to marketing, is it easy to put forward a plan to pitch Leap’s games to users?

Yes, there is a lot of demand (especially with the younger generation) for the different product segments that Leap Gaming specializes in. 

What are some of the countries that Leap Gaming is active in?

They are fairly active in Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Romania, and just about all European countries. 


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