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Diverse Portfolio of 70+ Games Across Multiple Game Types

If you’ve reached this page because you’re looking for information about the online casino game provider Mascot Gaming, you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what this page is all about. On the other hand, if you’ve reached this page because you’re looking for a school mascot logo having to do with gaming, you’re out of luck because we don’t know jack about that! Seeing as we do know a thing or two about Mascot Gaming though, especially when it comes to the different types of games they’ve created for online casinos, allow us to dive right in and get down to the nitty gritty of what this game provider is all about.

Mascot Gaming

About Mascot Gaming

Mascot Gaming Quick Hits

  • 70+ Casino Games & Counting
  • Slots, Lottery, Table Games, & Shooting Games
  • Multi-Faceted Approach to Game Development

Company Origins

Having been in business for well over a decade now, Mascot Gaming has certainly earned its stripes in the iGaming industry and then some. In what’s perhaps one of the most competitive industries of all, it’s very rare for companies to survive this long and isn’t even more rare for them to continuously thrive, which is exactly what Mascot Gaming has managed to accomplish. Ever since they opened up shop back in 2010, it seems like each game that they produce is better than the last and that’s almost always a recipe for success in an industry that’s as cut-throat as this one. As such, we are thrilled to have integrated all of their titles into our white label casino solutions and we look forward to Mascot Gaming’s continued success for years to come.

Starting with Slots

What’s a bit unique about Mascot Gaming is that they don’t just do one thing well, but instead they’ve made a habit of releasing new games across multiple verticals that all seem to hold their own against competing titles. This is especially true when it comes to their slot game titles, which is where they got their start and where they still spend the bulk of their time on the development front.

They’ve got numerous titles for your players to choose from, but a few that stand out from the rest include Greedy Greenskin Rockways, The Evil Bet, and Rocket Chimp Jackpot. These games feature a wide range of paylines and a number of great bonus round game features that make them incredibly entertaining to play.

Other slots we think are worth a quick mention from Mascot Gaming are their seasonal favorites that have some surprising staying power throughout the entire year. We’re talking about titles like Merry Scary Christmas, Easter Luck, and Twin Fruits of Santa. Titles like these are proof that if a genuinely decent game is developed, it has the potential to be enjoyed far beyond its original purpose of simply being an in-season holiday hit.

Lottery Games

As Mascot Gaming has grown over the years, so too has the range of games that they’ve developed, which now includes several lottery games for players to enjoy. For example, they’ve created two entertaining keno games titled The Candy Keno and Amaterasu Keno. Both of these games are loaded with rich graphics and really smooth gameplay that make them an absolute pleasure to play. Aside from keno, a more recent lottery-style game that Mascot Gaming has brought to market is titled Cleopatra’s Gems Bingo, which is of course an online bingo game. The theme of this game is really what makes it stand out from other online bingo games and it’s definitely worth including in your white label casino if you think your players might enjoy playing bingo games online.

Table Games

Seeing as no online casino is truly complete without the inclusion of table games, we’re pleased to report that Mascot Gaming has several options to choose from that you can easily integrate into your own online casino using our managed services. The titles of their table games are Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, and Blackjack. These are without question three of the most popular types of table games around the world and Mascot Gaming has done a really nice job of putting their own spin on each of these games.

Shooting Games

A more recent addition to Mascot Gaming’s collection of games is titled Hook Up! Fishing Wars, which is their first foray into making shooting games for online casinos. Shooting games have been immensely popular in arcades, especially so in many Asian countries, and that boom is starting to carry over to iGaming as well in many European countries. It’s a very different concept to most traditional casino games and it’s certainly not going to appeal to all players, but it can’t be denied that there’s a niche pocket of players who really enjoy playing shooting-style games with a gambling-minded payout system.

Noteworthy Mascot Gaming Software Features

  • Fast Loading Speeds
  • Easy Navigational Buttons
  • Premium Audio & Visual Effects

What’s really great about Mascot Gaming is that they haven’t really taken any shortcuts in the development of their games. And this goes for every game type they’ve created so far, which is actually quite refreshing. In iGaming, it seems like a lot of game providers fall into a trap of feeling the need to create every type of game imaginable, but when they do this, it often shows because the results of each title vary greatly from vertical to vertical. Not with Mascot Gaming though, because all of their games across all verticals are undoubtedly high-level games.

Whether you’re playing slots, table games, or other types of games from Mascot Gaming, you’re guaranteed to encounter three key features on each and every game. The first is one of the most important, which is very fast loading speeds. This can be a make or break feature for any casino game and we’re pleased to report that the loading time for all of Mascot Gaming’s titles are amongst the fastest in the industry. The second feature implemented across all of their games are the very easy to use navigational buttons and menus. This is huge too because players really appreciate when a game is easy to understand and play. Last, but not least, all of Mascot Gaming’s titles have state-of-the-art audio and visual effects that make their games engaging and entertaining to play over and over again. This goes a long way in terms of loyalty and longevity and this is exactly what our casino clients stand to benefit from the most.

Risk & Buy Option

One feature we wanted to mention separately that’s available on numerous titles created by Mascot Gaming is their Risk & Buy feature. This is essentially their twist on the “bonus buy” option that’s been taking the industry by storm lately by giving players a chance at a potentially big win after buying directly into bonus rounds. In their version though, the bonus buy option appears AFTER a player spins instead of before. We think this is a unique way to incorporate a feature like this because it makes it more prevalent during the gameplay, which means it’s used more widely than if it were simply a static button that players have a tendency to overlook at times.

Multiple Approaches to Game Development

One final thing worth noting about Mascot Gaming is that they use a multi-faceted approach in their development of games. On one hand, they design and develop games for profit, which means that they are primarily developed for the purpose of maximizing revenue for the operator. On the other hand, they also design and develop games for traffic, which means that they make a conscious effort to set profit aside for the purpose of attracting new players. This dual approach focusing on profit games and traffic games is a bit unique, but it makes a lot of sense too and it really helps to demonstrate exactly why Mascot Gaming has had so much success over their 10+ years in the industry.

Things to Remember About Mascot Gaming

  • Making Profitable Casino Games Since 2010
  • Several Different Game Types Available
  • Risk & Buy Feature Available on Most Slots

Mascot Gaming FAQs

When was Mascot Gaming established?

They were founded in 2010.

What type of Mascot Gaming games are the most popular?

Mascot Gaming slots, and video slots in particular, are some of their most popular online casino games.

Are all of Mascot Gaming’s titles certified?

Yes, they are certified by GLI, which is short for Gaming Laboratories International.

Does Mascot Gaming use a random number generator on its games?

Yes, this is commonplace in iGaming and it helps to ensure a fair gaming experience on desktop and mobile devices.


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