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Spadegaming is an Asia-based company with a global reach. They are known for their Asian-themed games in particular, but their portfolio is actually quite large and they’ve incorporated a variety of themes into their games that appeal to a wide range of players. On this page, you can learn about a variety of slots and other games that have been developed by Spadegaming over the years and we’ll also provide you with a comprehensive overview of Spadegaming so you can see exactly what it is that they’re all about.


About Spadegaming

Spadegaming at a Glance

  • Founded in 2007
  • Primary Offices in Malta
  • Huge Selection of Slots
  • Several Fishing Games Available

All About the Company

The year 2007 was the year it all began for Spadegaming. That’s when this casino game provider was established in the gaming industry and they’ve been going strong ever since. These days, they are still very much an Asia-based company, but they now have offices in Malta just like many of the other leading suppliers of online casino games. We decided to partner with Spadegaming for a number of reasons, but it was largely due to the fact that their games have a global appeal and that’s key when it comes to operating white label casinos with a diverse base of players. We’re quite pleased to be able to make Spadegaming’s full collection of games available to our current and new white label clients.

Online Slot Games

In case you aren’t able to tell from the variety of Spadegaming slots mentioned on this page, Spadegaming specializes in developing slots for online casinos. They have an expansive game library of slot games for your players to choose from with a variety of different themes to all but guarantee even the pickiest of players will be able to find at least a game or two that interests them.

Some of the game titles that have performed really well for Spadegaming at websites powered by our white label casinos solutions include Caishen Deluxe Maxways, Legacy of Kong (another Maxways title), and Rise of Werewolves. Based on current trends, it’s safe to say that just about any of their slots featuring their Maxways mechanic will do exceptionally well in most casino lobbies. Other Maxways titles from Spadegaming include Gold Panther Maxways, Caishen Maxways, Tiger Dance Maxways, and Kungfu Dragon Maxways.

In addition to Spadegaming’s lineup of regular video slots, they’ve also come out with numerous progressive slots that are really starting to grab the attention of players. Some of their progressive titles include Big Prosperity, Legendary Beasts Saga, and Pocket Mon Go. Interestingly, Pocket Mon Go is actually very reminiscent of the wildly popular Pokemon, which helps it to appeal to a wider audience than many other games. The number of progressive jackpots and their respective values vary from game to game, but for most games it’s typically one or two jackpots with values in the 30,000 to 60,000 range.

Online Fishing Games

As a compliment to their portfolio of online slots, Spadegaming has also created a series of fishing games that your players are sure to enjoy if you’ve been thinking about starting your own white label casino site. In arcades around the world, fishing games are becoming all the rage, so it was only a matter of time before a company in the casino industry took notice. And it just so happens that company was Spadegaming. Fishing games can be a lot of fun because they’re not like most traditional casino games in the sense that fishing games rely at least partially on skill, which gives players more control over the outcome of each game. There’s no doubt that Spadegaming will release more fishing games in the future so it’ll be interesting to see what they come out with next.

Software & Gameplay Information

  • Premium Graphics
  • Smooth Animations & Transitions
  • Easy-to-understand Paytables

One of the first things that your players will notice about Spadegaming’s slots and other games is how professional they look. Across their entire portfolio, it’s clear to see that they’ve put a real emphasis on creating games that are visually appealing. This makes all the different in the world too because not only does it attract players to begin with, but it also plays a huge role in ensuring that players come back again and again.

Beyond the actual graphics of each game, Spadegaming does a really nice job with their animations and transitions. The most obvious thing about them is how seamless and effortless they appear, which is huge because these days it’s all about the speed and avoiding any type of latency whatsoever. Players these days simply don’t have patience to wait around and it’s refreshing to see a company like Spadegaming take this into account during the development of their games.

Another thing Spadegaming excels at is putting together paytables and game rules that are easy for players to understand. Touching a little on the above, players these days really can’t be bothered with reading complicated directions so they are typically drawn to games that are easy to play and understand. You’d be surprised at how complicated some game providers make their paytables and game instructions, but Spadegaming is certainly not one of them. They really do a solid job on both fronts and it helps out big time.

Licensing Details

We mentioned earlier that Spadegaming now has their primary offices in Malta, which is a very popular place for casino game providers to do business from. What we haven’t mentioned yet is that Spadegaming is officially licensed by the MGA, which is short for the Malta Gaming Authority. This license allows them to work with companies like ours (we are also MGA-licensed) to provide real money casino games to players in a number of different jurisdictions. The MGA license is instantly recognized by players and it immediately lets them know that they’re in good hands when they’re playing games from Spadegaming at any of our white label casinos or websites powered by our crypto casino platform.

Why Spadegaming?

  • Great Selection of Slots, Fishing Games & Other Titles
  • Exclusive “Maxways” Slot Mechanic
  • In Business for 15+ Years
  • Multiple Progressive Jackpot Games Available

Spadegaming FAQs

When was Spadegaming first established?

Spadegaming was established in 2007.

What are some of the best Spadegaming games?

Some of Spadegaming’s games that perform well for casino operators are the games featuring their proprietary Maxways mechanic.

Why are Spadegaming’s slot titles so popular?

Because all the games they create feature generous free spins feature bonus rounds and other bonus features that players love.

Are all Spadegaming games powered by HTML5 technology?

Yes, this software provider uses HTML5 technology to ensure an immersive gaming experience via mobile gaming, desktop gaming, and gaming on any other devices.

What are the best Spadegaming casinos?

We may be a bit biased, but all of our white label casinos qualify as great Spadegaming casinos if you ask us.


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