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With more than a decade of experience, Wazdan is an online casino innovator that is trusted and respected throughout the iGaming industry. Like a fine wine, their games have gotten better and better with age, which is why all of their new releases these days are highly anticipated amongst casino players and operators alike. Although the bulk of Wazdan’s portfolio is made up of slot machines, they’ve also been known to create table games, video poker games, and specialty games from time to time. We’ve enjoyed our working relationship with Wazdan and we’re excited to play a role in making their games available to all of our clients via our white label casino solutions.


About Wazdan

An Introduction to Wazdan

  • iGaming Pioneer Founded in 2010
  • Growing Portfolio of 200+ Casino Games
  • Great Mix of Slots, Table Games, Video Poker Games & Specialty Games

Company Information

Wazdan burst onto the iGaming scene back in 2010 and it has been full throttle for them ever since. Originally debuting with a small catalog of online games, they’ve since grown their portfolio to 200+ titles and there appears to be no slowing down for them as they’re constantly developing games in or to bring several new releases to market each and every month.

They are headquartered in Valletta, the capital city of Malta, which is pretty typical of a lot of iGaming companies seeing as Malta has become known as one of the premier worldwide gaming hubs. Currently boasting a team of 170+ employees, Wazdan is without question one of the largest game providers and they always seem to be growing. This is a testament to the 10+ years of experience that they have in iGaming and it’s a great example of the heights a company can reach if they work hard to continuously develop entertaining games for casino operators and their players.

Wazdan Slots

Speaking of entertaining games, Wazdan has become a true expert in the industry when it comes to creating slot games that players absolutely love. With nearly 200 slot titles to choose from, they’ve created games catering to just about every genre imaginable. They’ve covered everything from traditional coin and fruit slots to holiday-themed games and virtually everything in between. And because their games have such a wide appeal, it makes it a really easy decision for you to feature them in your casino lobby.

What’s neat about Wazdan is that they don’t shy away from letting everyone know which of their games are performing well at any given moment. In fact, this information is prominently displayed on their website for all to see. And as of this writing, it looks like their series of “Hold the Jackpot Cash Infinity” games are some of their top performing games. Titles from this series include 9 Coins, Magic Spins, and Mystery Kingdom: Mystery Bells just to name a few. All of the titles from this series are equipped with serval of Wazdan’s proprietary bonus features including their Hold the Jackpot feature and Cash Infinity feature. These two features are incredibly interactive and help to keep players engaged and playing, which does wonders for loyalty and retention of our white label and crypto casino software clients.

Other slot titles from Wazdan that we’re confident your players will love include Power of Sun: Svarog, Sizzling Kingdom: Bison, 9 Burning Dragons, and Sizzling Moon. It’s also worth nothing that around the holidays, Wazdan typically releases holiday-themed versions of their top-performing games, which helps to acquire new players and re-engage existing players too.

Table Games

Although slots are certainly Wazdan’s bread and butter, they’ve still managed to create a few compelling table games to bolster their portfolio. Their current selection of table games includes Blackjack, Gold Roulette, and Casino Roulette. Blackjack and roulette games are without a doubt two of the most popular table games at both retail and online white label casinos, so it makes perfect sense that they’ve decided to focus on these two game types for their initial table games. All three of these titles are loads of fun to play and they compliment Wazdan’s slot titles perfectly.

Video Poker

In addition to slots and table games, Wazdan has also developed a fantastic line of video poker games over the years. Their list of video poker games includes Caribbean Beach Poker, Three Cards, American Poker V, Turbo Poker, Joker Poker, American Poker Gold, and Magic Poker. This a great mix of some traditional video poker games as well as some niche video poker games that aren’t quite as mainstream. Like most video poker games, they’re all pretty standard in the sense that they aren’t loaded with any distracting bells and whistles, but that’s precisely what video poker players are looking for and that’s exactly why we’ve elected to integrated all of these titles into our whitelabel casino software.

Specialty Games

Last, but certainly not least, Wazdan has created a couple of specialty games that are worth a quick mention. They include Extra Bingo and Sic Bo Dragons. Extra Bingo is of course an online bingo game and at first glance it seems pretty basic, but it actually provides a really engaging experience for your players. Sic Bo Dragons on the other hand is a bit more complex of a game when compared to Extra Bingo, but that just means your players will have a wide range of bets they can make and they’ll really appreciate the uniqueness of this title when compared to other Sic Bo games. These days, Wazdan seems to be focusing most of its efforts on creating new slot games, but it wouldn’t surprise us at all if they add a few more specialty games into the mix down the road.

Wazdan’s Top Software Features

  • Fast Loading Times
  • Very Modern Interface
  • Fantastic Sound & Visual Effects

What’s great about Wazdan is that they really seem to go all out in the development of all of their games. It doesn’t really matter if they’re creating slots, table games, video poker games, or specialty games because it seems like each and every new game they make is designed to be better than the previous one.

Some of our favorite features across all of Wazdan’s game titles include fast loading times, an incredibly modern user interface, and some of the best sound and visual effects in the iGaming industry. Together, these features make for an incredibly enjoyable gameplay experience and this really seems to resonate with old and new casino players alike.

Licenses & Certifications

Game providers in the iGaming industry don’t survive as long as Wazdan has without making important things like licensing and certification a priority. We are happy to report that in terms of licensing, Wazdan has not just one, but two different casino licenses. The first is their UKGB license, which is provided by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UK Gambling Commission). The second is their MGA license, which is provided by the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition to these, they hold licenses and certifications in 20+ regulated markets, which makes them the perfect partner for online casino operators from across the globe. Other notable certifications for Wazdan come from the Romanian National Gambling Office, the Swedish Gambling Authority, and the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

Wazdan in Review

  • 200+ High-Performing Casino Games
  • 10+ Years of iGaming Experience
  • Licensed & Certified in 20+ Regulated Markets

Wazdan FAQs

When was Wazdan established?

Wazdan was founded in 2010.

What are the best Wazdan online casino games?

Some of the best Wazdan games are their video slots including the slot game Magic Stars as well as Magic Target.

Where can people play Wazdan slots?

There are several Wazdan casino options to choose from, with many of our white label casinos considered by many to be amongst the top Wazdan casinos.

What are the most popular Wazdan slot features?

Wazdan’s most popular slot features include free spins bonus rounds, ultra lite mode (an energy saving mode), double screen mode, and a unique gamble feature with huge cash prizes.


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