What is a White Label Casino?

Before we selected “White Label Casinos” to be our company name, white label casinos were and still are something tangible, which is to say that they are a product/service that people physically interact with. We simply decided that if we’re going to be in the business of creating white label casinos for our clients, there’s really no company name that describes what we do better than “White Label Casinos” does.  

If you’re a fan of analogies, a perfect example would be if McDonald’s were to change their company name to “Hamburger” instead. Now “Hamburger” certainly wouldn’t be the most creative company name (neither is ours), but you’d know exactly what it is they’re selling. Thanks to some of the best brand marketing in the world, we all know what McDonald’s is slinging to its customers, but brand marketing takes a lot of time and we live in an age where people need things NOW! So, we’ve taken a bit of a shortcut by giving our company the name of our primary product/service. 

Now, I think we can all agree it’s fairly easy to surmise that a company named White Label Casinos is probably involved with white label casinos in some capacity, right? But what exactly is a white label casino? To some, the answer to that question is pretty straightforward, but it’s not as cut and dry to many others. Therefore, we’ll be using this page to explain to our readers what exactly a white label casino is.  

The Definition of White Label in Business

Before we get into the specifics of what a white label casino is, let’s first take a look at the definition of “white label” as it relates to business. A quick Google search brings us to a definition of a white label product, courtesy of Investopedia, which states: 

White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party. White labeling occurs when the manufacturer of an item uses the branding requested by the purchaser, or marketer, instead of its own. The end product appears as though it has been produced by the purchaser.” 

This definition was put together by Investopedia under the premise of explaining that most “store brand” items are in fact “white label” items, which is just another way of saying that the stores don’t make these items themselves, but rather they procure the items from elsewhere so that they can add their company name and sell the items as their own. 

For the most part, this definition can be applied to white label casinos in much the same way. For example, let’s say that a person approaches us on behalf of a company that would like to start their own online casino. In this scenario, that person and the company they are representing are the “purchaser” and White Label Casinos is the “manufacturer.” This arrangement would ultimately result in White Label Casinos supplying the “purchaser” with a fully operational casino that they can brand and market as their own. That is the essence of what a white label casino is, at least in very simple terms, but you’ll see there’s a bit more to it than that as you continue reading below. 

Not All White Label Casinos Are Created Equal

As the headline states, not all white label casinos are created equal and nor should they be. If they were, the online casino landscape would be incredibly boring with the only difference from one casino to the next being the name in which they operate under. Thankfully, that’s not the case at all though, as there are many noticeable differences between online casinos these days. Sure, some of the core elements are largely the same across most casinos and we’ll highlight some of those elements below. However, if you take a look at our portfolio of 40+ white label casinos, you’ll see that no two casinos are the same. Therefore, if you are considering opening a white label casino of your own, you should know that it can and should be as unique and as customized as you’d like it to be. 

The Core Elements of White Label Casinos

Website – Naturally, one of the core elements that all white label casinos have in common is that they all have a website. A casino’s website usually serves two primary purposes, which are to attract players and to provide them with a place in which to play casino games. It’s quite possible that in the future, the iGaming industry will see a shift towards app-based gaming, but even then the need for having a visually attractive website will remain quite high. 

Games – A casino is most definitely not a casino without any games, so games of course are a vital core element that all casinos have in common. At the same time, the types of games available from one casino to the next can vary quite drastically, so it’s very much possible to differentiate your casino from others purely by the games you have available in your casino lobby. In the iGaming industry, there are more than 20,000 games on the market from more than 400 game providers, which means that there are decisions to be made about which games are going to be included. Fortunately, here at White Label Casinos we have a fantastic relationship will all of the industry’s top providers, which enables us to make their games available to you via our white label casino software. 

Payments – The ability to accept deposits and process fast withdrawals is quite possibly the most important core element that all casinos must have in place to succeed. Yes, the available payment methods can and do certainly vary from casino to casino, but you’ll find that nearly all casinos support all of the most mainstream payment methods. 

Licensing – Although there are still technically some unlicensed casinos in the iGaming industry operating in various markets, the overwhelming majority of online casinos these days are fully licensed. And for the most part, there are only a small number of licensing bodies, which results in a large chunk of real money casinos being licensed by the same licensing body (such as UK Gambling Commission, etc). 

Some Main Differences Between White Label Casinos

Design – Website design is the most obvious difference between while label casinos. Although some specific design elements may be similar to a trained eye, nearly all areas of a white label casino can be customized to an operator’s liking. 

Promotions – Player promotions are another key area where white label casinos are able to differentiate themselves. For the most part, a white label casino operator will have full control over its own promotions. This includes things like bonuses, cashback, and other incentives made available to players. 

Marketing – Marketing is an area where white label casinos have complete and total say in how they decide to market their casino brand, within the bounds of regulation, naturally. There are typically little to no restrictions dictating what can and cannot be done on the marketing front aside from that, so you’ll notice that marketing initiatives and messages can be drastically different from one white label to the next. 

Affiliate Programs – Most white label casinos, but not necessarily all white label casinos, elect to offer an affiliate program as an integral extension of their marketing initiatives. However, white label operators are free to operate their affiliate program however they see fit.  

Why White Label Casinos Are So Popular

As with everything in business, the reasons why white label casinos are so popular come down to time and money. If you’re thinking about starting your own casino and you elect to go with a white label, it’s realistic to expect your casino will be live within 4-6 weeks on average. On the other hand, if you decide you’d like to build your own casino from scratch, it would take considerably more time than that to go live and you’d have extensive overheads due to the number of resources you’d need to allocate to build it. Not to mention, there are significant costs associated with building your own casino from scratch and thus it’s far more affordable to invest in a white label solution. 

White Label Casino Alternatives

There are really only two alternatives to white label casinos for those who are considering entering the iGaming market. The first we just mentioned above, which is to build your own casino from scratch. This is both time prohibitive and cost prohibitive, which is why very few companies go this route. The second alternative is to do things a bit “a la carte” if you will. By this, we simply mean sourcing different elements of your casino from multiple companies. We do this to an extent via our managed services, but piecing a casino together bit-by-bit has its challenges and that’s why our white label solutions are without question our most popular. 

How Many White Label Casinos Are There? How many suppliers?

Of the hundreds and perhaps thousands of online casinos in existence, it’s very conservative to estimate that more than 50% of them are white label casinos (at least to some degree). Obviously, we are slightly biased, but it’s safe to assume that white label casinos are so predominate in this industry because they are extremely affordable, while also proving to be incredibly reliable. Although there’s no official number, it’s safe to say there’s at least 50 different white label casino providers supplying white label solutions of some sort to the iGaming industry. 

White Label Casinos in a Nutshell

In summary, a white label casino is an online casino that’s essentially ready “right out of the box” so to speak. If you were looking to start your own white label casino, you’d be responsible for the public-facing elements of the casino such as the design, promotions, and marketing, but all of the technical elements of the casino are pre-built and ready to go from day one. For all of the reasons we talked about above, and for quite a few more, it’s clear that white label casinos are here to stay because they’ve been tried and tested to perfection, and they are far more affordable than the alternative of building a casino from scratch. 


Time to get cracking on your casino!