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We’ve got a lot of information to share with you about Iron Dog Studio on this page, but we’ll cut right to the chase in this first paragraph to get you up to speed in rapid fire fashion. First things first, Iron Dog Studio was founded in 2017. Secondly, they have created a total of 50+ games for online casinos. Some of their most popular games are their Branded Megaways titles that are customised for individual casinos. Iron Dog is a brand that operates under the 1×2 Gaming Network umbrella. And lastly, you can learn more about their games below, which includes a deep-dive covering everything you need to know about this casino game provider.

About Iron Dog Studio

Fast Facts About Iron Dog Studio

  • Great Mix of 50+ Casino Games
  • Specializing in Branded Megaways Slots
  • Founded in 2017
  • Premier Brand of 1×2 Network

Company Information

Iron Dog Studio’s roots in the iGaming industry date back to 2017, which is when they first began releasing casino games for the online market. They are headquartered in Hove, England and are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). From very early on, it’s always been quite evident that Iron Dog Studio is a company that’s going to continually create innovative games that challenge industry norms. It’s this ideology that has brought the company a great deal of success in the past and we fully expect it’ll propel them to new heights in the coming years.

Related Companies

It’s worth noting that Iron Dog Studio is a brand of the 1×2 Network, which is a long-established company in the iGaming industry. But they aren’t “just another” brand under the 1×2 Network umbrella. Instead, Iron Dog Studio is one of their premier brands that has built a solid reputation for coming up with hit casino games time and time again. The same can be said about Leap Gaming, which is a sister brand to Iron Dog Studio that is also under the 1×2 Network umbrella.

Slots & Branded Titles

Keeping the focus on Iron Dog Studio, they are perhaps best known for creating entertaining online slot machines. To date, their portfolio of slots includes 40+ titles, with new slots released on a regular basis. If you take a look at their list of games above, you’ll notice that they’ve created a bunch of Megaways slots over the years, which is of course the popular game mechanic developed by Big Time Gaming. But what you might not know is that one of their Megaways creations that’s especially popular is called Branded Megaways. This is one of their most popular technological advances because as the name implies, the game can be branded to match your very own white label casino. Several of our white label partners have taken advantage of this already and we anticipate many more will follow suit. Other hit Megaways titles of theirs include The Choice is Yours Megaways, Rock the Reels Megaways, and Aztec Wild Megaways just to name a few.

Table Games

In addition to online slots, Iron Dog Studio has also created a few different table games that have been big hits with casino players from around the world, which is especially true for casino players at casinos that are powered by our crypto casino software solutions. Their table game titles include 3D European Roulette, 3D Blackjack, and 3D Baccarat. As the names of each game suggest, they are all equipped with 3D graphics to give players a realistic and immersive gaming experience. In all 3 of these games, most of the betting options and gameplay settings are customisable, which actually makes them quite appealing to online casino players when compared to land-based versions of these games.


Although a great deal of their focus these days is on creating new slots, it’s important to mention that Iron Dog Studio has also turned a lot of their most popular slot titles into online scratchcards. This includes hit games like Viking Wilds Scratch, Blood Queen Scratch, and Neon Jungle Scratch. Like their slot games, all of Iron Dog Studio’s scratchcards are equipped with awesome sound effects, fun animations, and customisable settings. Scratchcards are a great addition to any casino lobby and we’re thrilled to be able to make these types of games available for our white label casino clients to offer their players.

Notable Software Features

  • Engaging gameplay mechanics – including Megaways.
  • Industry-leading sound effects.
  • Buy into the bonus round instantly.

Right from the start, Iron Dog Study has embodied a philosophy that has them constantly pushing the envelope in terms of the types of games that they create and they always strive to include all the new functionality that they possibly can in each and every game. This is very noticeable in the sense that their games often stand out from others due to a variety of factors. First off, virtually all of the games created by Iron Dog Studio have some of the best sound effects of any online casino games around. Their games also boast some of the most visually appealing animations on the market. And when you combine these two things together, it becomes very obvious that players enjoy Iron Dog’s games because of the engaging and immersive experience that they provide.

There are a couple of other things that we think Iron Dog Studio is doing really well with their games. The first is that they are incorporating innovative features that are known to be popular with players. The most obvious example of this is the number of Megaways titles that they’ve created over the years and continue to create to this day. Megaways may well be the single greatest game mechanic ever created and Iron Dog was one of the first studios to license this mechanic for use in their own games. The second thing that this casino game provider has excelled at is adding new concepts and game features that players are actively looking for, such as bonus buys that give a player the option to pay a determined fee in order to trigger the bonus round instantly. For a lot of players, this is a “must have” feature these days, which is something that Iron Dog Studio is obviously well aware of given that they are now incorporating this into most of their new releases.

Industry Outlook for Iron Dog

In the years that they’ve been around, Iron Dog Studio has been one of the best game providers when it comes to delivering a superior gaming experience on a regular basis. In fact, just about every game they’ve ever created would fall in the “above average” category for an overwhelming majority of casino players. We’re not sure that “create superior gaming experience” is in their official company handbook, but regardless it has certainly become a habit for them. And because they have the backing of the established 1×2 Network, we fully expect that Iron Dog Studio will continue to come out with hit game after hit game for many years to come. As long as that holds true, here at White Label Casinos we will happily and proudly continue to partner with them so that our white label operators can be amongst the first to add Iron Dog’s games to their casino lobbies.

Things to Remember About Iron Dog Studio

  • Branded Megaways Slots for Your Casino
  • Diverse Selection of Video Slots, Table Games & Scratchcards
  • Flagship Brand of 1×2 Network
  • Making Hit Online Games Since 2017

Iron Dog Studio FAQs

Who owns Iron Dog Studio?

Iron Dog Studio is a brand that operates under the umbrella of 1×2 Network.

What are some of the most popular Iron Dog Studio slots?

Some of the most popular Iron Dog slots include Cherry Blast, Rainbow Wilds Megaways, and Siren’s Kingdom.

Aside from slots, are there any other Iron Dog Studio games available?

Yes, they also make table games and scratchcards.

Is it Iron Dog Studio or Iron Dog Studios?

Their official name is Iron Dog Studio, but it’s not uncommon for people to use the plural version.

Do any of Iron Dog’s games have a free play option?

This varies from casino to casino, but in many cases most of their games such as Cosmic Crystals are available in demo mode so new players can experience things like bonus spins, expanding wild symbols, and big wins firsthand before making a deposit.

Can an account manager help get Iron Dog’s games integrated into my casino lobby?

Of course! A member of our team will be happy to help you add these games to your lobby.


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