We were thrilled to have iGaming News interview Jordan Foxwell, our Director of Internal Operations. In this insightful conversation, Jordan dives deep into her pivotal role within our company, shedding light on the significance of our vibrant company culture.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in the company. 

A little bit about me; I have been part of White Label Casinos for close to six years now and started the HR remit of my gaming career almost a decade ago. However, I found my home at WLC and have been lucky to work alongside the team contributing to the growth of the White Label Operations we have today.  

I recently stepped into a new role as Director of Operations, where I oversee all teams that work to make White Label Casinos the well-oiled machine it is, by making sure we provide the best service to our clients and their players.  

That also means working with all other aspects of the business to make sure we are ever evolving and staying ahead of the markets around us. 

2. For those who are not familiar with the brand, what solutions do you provide? 

We provide tailored solutions for people looking for a fully managed White Label Casino (hint, it’s in the name). We provide our clients will all the tools, tech and teams to kickstart their online casino in as little as 4-6 weeks. Our clients focus on marketing and acquisition, and we handle the rest. It’s that simple.  

3. White Label Casinos is now one of the leading white label providers in the iGaming space, what are the contributing factors for this impeccable growth? 

We hit a pivotal moment in 2020, where we decided that growth to our white label department is where we were most passionate as a business. Having a dedicated vision as a company allowed us to focus our energy on a single goal and deliver a unified end-product for our clients. This focus accelerated our drive and results compared to managing a diverse portfolio of products. We also heavily invested in our workforce in 2020 and 2021, even over-hiring to structure for our end goal.  

This strategy could have been risky, but the employees we brought on during that time were, in my opinion, the pinnacle of success. It allowed us to grow into the company’s infrastructure smoothly, avoiding burnout and ensuring we had the necessary talent to meet our goals without delay.  

4. How important is company culture when it comes to managing a fast-growth company like White Label Casinos? 

It’s really important to have a grounding idea of what your company culture is before you grow. This helps really attract the right talent that will buy into the company and go the extra mile from day one. When you grow as fast as we have, having a compass of culture reminds you in the harder times of growing a business how to handle difficult situations and that everyone is on the same path. 

5. What is on the horizon for you and the business, are there any big projects in the pipeline?

We have multiple really exciting projects in the pipeline that our teams have been working passionately on over the past few months. We can’t share too much yet (I know, how annoying), but one project is particularly exciting for us and involves stepping into a brand-new vertical. 

On top of that, we are planning to further expand our portfolio of market leading platform providers, offering a truly bespoke service to our clients to be able to expertly tailor the service to their casino’s and players’ specific needs. 

We’re also gearing up for SBC Lisbon, taking place in September, where people can find us at stand A540. As always, we’ll have an amazing interactive feature on the stand with some mega prizes, plus plenty of great coffee and comfy spaces to chat all thing white label casinos.

6. Where do you see White Label Casinos in 5 years?

Taking the sheer rate of growth at White Label Casinos into account, I see WLC being the biggest provider of white label casino solutions in the iGaming industry.  

Additionally, I hope to see more companies adopting our culture of true authenticity, balancing corporate structure while allowing their unique tone and culture to shine through. We’re so different in what we do and how we position ourselves, and I find our way of working brings out the best and most honest version in our clients and employees, living up to our company value of being honest, quite frankly.