The headline says it all, but just in case you missed it, we are happy to announce that White Label Casinos has been selected as a finalist for the Brand Idol of the Year category at the iGaming IDOL 2023 Awards!

On November 30, 2023, iGaming IDOL will be hosting its 7th annual iGaming IDOL Awards at the InterContinental Arena in Malta and we are thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for one of their prestigious awards. Given that iGaming IDOL has established a reputation in the industry for being tough yet fair with their finalist selections each year, we are excited to be mentioned alongside some other great companies in a brand new awards category.

The Brand Idol of the Year is a new awards category for 2023 that iGaming IDOL defines as:

An award for the business with the most powerful brand in 2023.

Based on this definition, we are incredibly proud to be selected as a finalist because it serves as validation that what we’re doing as a company in terms of our branding and getting our name out there is being noticed. After all, the iGaming industry is extremely competitive and that’s especially true for white label casino providers, which is why we’re honored to be recognized as a finalist for this award.

If you’ve been following our journey via our website or on social media, you’re probably aware that we’re doing things a little differently than most of our competitors by being unapologetically ourselves in everything that we do. This is rooted in our belief that people like doing business with people they can relate to so we intentionally avoid as much corporate speak as possible.

Although we’ve been operating as White Label Casinos for less than a year, we’ve already seen some significant growth as a company, which is a testament to the fact that companies don’t always have to be so serious in order to achieve success. Instead, sometimes it helps to have a little fun and as long as you have a great product that’s supported by an even greater team, you’ll have the potential to thrive in this industry (or any other industry for that matter). In our case, it also helps to be VERY orange and to have a love affair with ducks, but those are things we can discuss a different time.

In closing, we’d like to extend our sincere congratulations to the finalists for all of the iGaming IDOL 2023 awards and we look forward to celebrating with everyone in November regardless of who is selected as the winner in each category (fingers crossed for White Label Casinos though of course)!