In a world where corporate culture often adheres to conventional norms, there are those rare entities that embrace eccentricities while staying true to core values. At White Label Casinos, being "weird, but respectfully" isn't just a catchy phrase—it's a genuine approach we take to our operations and hiring process.

With a commitment to honesty, a passion for hard work that’s balanced with a healthy dose of humour, and an unwavering dedication to giving back, White Label Casinos has carved out its own unique space in the business landscape. But how does a company maintain its quirky identity while navigating the serious business of hiring? We sat down with Samantha Wood, HR Manager at White Label Casinos, to explore the company’s hiring process and discuss how we can ensure that our values remain at the heart of every recruitment decision. 

1. How does White Label Casinos embody the value of being “weird, but respectfully” in its workplace culture?

We value each and every personality both professionally and personally, we want our employees to be ‘themselves’ in the workplace and not just the corporate version and in turn our employees’ individualities plays a big part in the group mentality of being weird but respectfully. 

2. Balancing hard work with a light-hearted approach is one of White Label Casinos values. How do you assess a candidate’s fit with this unique aspect of your culture during the hiring process? 

From an external perspective, our social media presence may portray us as light-hearted and fun, which is indeed accurate. However, it’s important to note that this is just one part of our identity. Behind the humour, we have a highly committed and hard-working team that channels their efforts into achieving goals.  
During the interview process, I emphasise to candidates that while we value humour, our team knows when to buckle down and focus on the task at hand. We expect anyone we bring on board to exhibit the same ability to balance humour with diligence and dedication. We demonstrate this by asking more challenging, competency-based questions during interviews. We feel that this showcases we are more than just light-hearted when it comes to our hiring decisions. 

3. Honesty is paramount at White Label Casinos. How do you ensure transparency and integrity throughout the recruitment process? 

We ensure that candidates have a thorough understanding of who we are and the significance of the role they’ve applied for within our organisation. In addition to this, we prioritise consistent and transparent communication throughout the hiring journey, including providing clarity if a candidate is not successful. Recognising the importance of this aspect in today’s discussions, we make a conscious effort to promptly inform applicants of our decisions. 

4. White Label Casinos is known for its passion for success. Can you elaborate on how you identify and cultivate this passion in potential hires?

During the recruitment process, we seek candidates who exhibit passion for the specific role they’re applying for, evidenced by personal endeavours or growth reflected in their CV. However, lacking such experiences isn’t a deterrent, provided they harbour genuine interest in the industry. Many candidates express willingness to start at entry-level positions driven by their passion for the industry and their eagerness to learn across various departments. At WLC, we foster this enthusiasm by offering opportunities for growth and development. Notably, 63% of our management team have worked their way to a management position or higher by showcasing their passion for success, and dedication to their role and the business. 

5. Giving back is a core value at White Label Casinos. Is there a way to incorporate philanthropy and community involvement into your hiring criteria? 

Candidates who have researched White Label Casinos prior to the interview, as we always encourage, will have already noted our active participation in the community. This often becomes a topic of discussion during interviews. We inform candidates about various opportunities for employees to volunteer or engage in projects. Moreover, we offer support to employees interested in giving back, irrespective of whether it’s for a company charity or not. This support can take various forms, such as offering volunteer days for philanthropic activities, matching donations, or sponsoring employees at volunteer events. By emphasising our commitment to philanthropy and community involvement during the hiring process, we align ourselves with candidates who share these values. 

6. Cultural fit is often cited as crucial in hiring decisions. How do you evaluate whether a candidate aligns with White Label Casinos culture of quirkiness and dedication? 

We proudly differentiate ourselves from the conventional ‘corporate structure’ and embrace our unique identityWe try and evaluate whether a candidate aligns with White Label Casinos’ culture of quirkiness by asking more character-based questions toward the end of an interview. One of our hiring managers’ famous questions is “If you were to give a TED talk on any subject what would it be. These types of questions allow us to gain an understanding of the person behind the CV. For example, we have had some great answers relating to “basketball”, “The history of Japan” and “how to grow a vegetable garden on a balcony”. We also like the candidate to feel an interview is both ways, so we encourage hiring managers to also share their personalities on an interview. This would usually then lead to more of a relaxed conversation and allows for a candidate’s identity to shine. 

7. In a competitive job market, how does White Label Casinos differentiate itself to attract candidates who resonate with its unique values?

Our marketing is a huge aspect that separates us from everyone else, our marketing is our culture. Often companies will market themselves how they want to be perceived and not how their company is. With White Label Casinos, what you see if what you get with no strings attached, we are unapologetically ourselves.

8. How do you ensure that diversity and inclusion remain priorities in your hiring efforts, while still upholding the company’s distinct culture? 

At White Label Casinos, diversity and inclusion are paramount, reflected in our recent social media posts which highlighted 62% of our overall workforce is women, and our workforce spans from Latin America to the Philippines and everywhere in between. While maintaining our culture alongside diversity isn’t necessarily challenging, we make an effort to ensure alignment among all team members. Recently, we provided training to our management team on inclusive hiring practices to reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation.

9. What advice would you give to candidates looking to join White Label Casinos in terms of understanding and embodying its values throughout the application and interview process?

We have a very distinctive culture so if you are looking to join us do some research and ensure our values align with your what you’re seeking from your next career opportunity. During the interview process engage with us in a way that demonstrates your alignment to our values and your enthusiasm for contributing to our mission, but most importantly be yourself!