Account Managers, often considered the glue of the industry, seamlessly bridge the gap between companies and their cherished clients. In an insightful conversation with WLC’s Jelena, we discussed what life is like in arguably one of the busiest departments. 

Here at White Label Casinos we’re proud of each of our team members and often like to brag about what a great bunch we are. Because, why not! 

Meet Jelena – one of our Account Managers who we nabbed to answer some questions, so that you can get to know a bit more about her and about what working at White Label Casinos is really like.

What is it like being an Account Manager in iGaming? 

I think if you are in an account management department, you get a fun side of the igaming industry. But there is also a stressful and intense side of dealing with people, actually.

Who in the team is most likely to reply to an email at 2 am? 

That’s an easy one – that would be Debbie, head of our account management department. 

What is the craziest request you have ever received from a client?

Hmmm… Craziest request? Do we actually have time to go through this? And also I don’t think Phil would like it because I did sign an NDA.  

What do you do to switch off? 

Cooking and watching a lot of Netflix.  

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Multiple people talking at the same time. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 

That would be cheese because I’m lactose intolerant. 

What is your favourite TV show? 

Maybe The Idol because I’m watching that one currently. So, let’s say that’s my favourite one at the moment. 

Describe White Label Casinos in one word. 

Hmmm… One word. Maybe orange. 

If watching this clip has sparked a twinkle in your eye for an exciting adventure with us – head on over to our careers page and check out a few of our open positions. We’re on the look out for someone to join the Account Management Team!