Today, we’re shining a spotlight on our Office Assistant, Szandra Papp, who, despite her busy schedule of making sure the office runs smoothly, squeezed in few minutes to tell us about her role at White Label Casinos.

At White Label Casinos we’re all about celebrating the fantastic individuals who make up our team! Nothing makes this more evident than seeing our team members excel and progress through the company. 

Szandra is a perfect example of this, having just been promoted to Junior Product Coordinator and we think this interview she answered before she found out the good news couldn’t be better timed. Have a look at how she views her role and the office environment. 

What is your role within the company? 

So I am the office assistant, I make sure that the office is running smoothly. 

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? 

Definitely don’t eat too much junk food, not even sweets. And obviously, never give up on your dreams and goals.  

What do you love most about working at WLC? 

I definitely love that my manager is giving me full trust, and I have kind of a freedom. And obviously, I love our office, the environment, because it’s so colourful and of course, with the guys, I mean, the team is just amazing. 

Can you speak any Maltese? 

Oh, yeah, I can say the basics. However, I can act like I am completely Maltese…  

Maltese 101  

“Bongu” which is good morning. 

“Kif inti alright?” which is like, how are you? 

“Tajjeb ħafna” which is yeah, good enough. 

And then I think that’s it. Which is, you know, the common words, which is more than enough in Malta. 

What is the culture like at WLC?  

So we are perfectly imperfect. We are a very strong team, very friendly like a small family. Everybody is super cool, and is super friendly. We like to improve our staff and to help each other and team spirit is the most important.  

Tell us something surprising about you. 

Okay, I have pug unicorn pyjamas, which are my favourite. And also, when I am driving my car and I am trying to find a parking spot, I turn down the music. 

 If you could dance with anyone in the world, who would you choose? 

 I would choose my twin nephews, even though they are two years old, but they have amazing dancing feet and they dance super, super good.  

 Who in the office has the worst playlist? 

 No, I wouldn’t say anyone, everybody has an amazing playlist… It’s Phil! 

Describe White Label Casinos in two words. 

Okay, that’s a difficult one. Hmmmm, let me think… I would say… Team Spirit. 

If this clip has ignited a spark of excitement in you, hop onto our careers page! Despite having big shoes to fill, we’re now on the lookout for a dynamic individual with a flair for fun to take the reigns as Office Administrator as Szandra jumps into her new role as Junior Product Coordinator. If this role is right up your street, head to our careers page and submit your CV today.