White Label Casinos are ready to give away some fantastic prizes at ICE, 2024. Notorious for its fun game each year, this year's game at ICE is like no other. On the WLC stand at N8-250, we have Bullseye inspired darts with some fantastic prizes ready to give away to two lucky winners.

Don’t miss a wildly entertaining round of Bullseye, yes you heard that right inspired by the 1980’s Jim Bowen and the iconic Bullseye, along with Bully the Bull, who passed on their dart feathers to our very own mascot Geoff the Duck, (who had his own dart inspired makeover during the process). 

So swing by the stand to hear the bulllllssssssssseye theme and laughter to join in with a chance to win some incredible prizes. 

The top prize is a trip to Thailand! A seven night luxury trip of a lifetime as you jet off from any major European city to Phuket, Thailand.


It’s not just the flights we cover, the lucky ducky will have private airport transfers, go on an adventure around the island with a private guide, see breathtaking views and incredible attractions across the exotic landscape. Finally, you will get to visit an elephant sanctuary where you have the most wonderful experience with an adorable herd of elephants. 

Our runners-up prize – but, certainly not a losing prize, is a voucher of your choice. We have 1000 euros up for grabs and you get to choose where to spend it. Think Amazon, cinema, or even a year supply of sainsburys sandwiches.        Your voucher, your choice.


How do you win? 

Simply turn up to stand N8-250 at ICE, London and you will see our logo in shining lights, pop us your email/ business card, and throw some virtual darts. It’s that simple, and you can win a wonderful trip to Thailand courtesy of White Label Casinos.