Ah, awards season. The much-anticipated shortlist announcements. White Label Casinos managed to bag an SBC Award shortlist nomination in our first year in business for the category, White Label Supplier of the Year, and to say we’re delighted would be an understatement.  

You might be wondering- ’is this the same White Label Casinos that bang on about how rubbish awards shows are and how most of them are a total farse?’.  And you’d be absolutely right. 

While it may sound hypocritical, we have our reasons. Let us explain.  

White Label Casinos SBC Award Nomination


SBC Awards– good. 

iGaming IDOL– good. 

The rest- let’s just say, we’re unsure.  

Our Take

We do hold a special place in our hearts for the handful of awards that don’t buy in to the bullsh*t of awarding headline sponsors time and time again. Big props to you SBC and iGaming NEXT. Without naming names, some of the other awards have proven themselves to be less than credible over the years, despite having a good ‘name’ in the industry.  

We’d love to say gone are the days of paying your way to the top, but unfortunately, we’ve seen too many examples of this in recent years.  

BUT, on a more positive note, there are still award shows that have a robust and fair process that we can align ourselves with.

So, yes, we did indeed manage to get nominated for the SBC awards this year. Having just set up shop as our new brand, White Label Casinos, in January of this year, we couldn’t be prouder to be recognised and for our teams to get a well deserved pat on the back. 

We’re actually really looking forward to the awards night this coming September, so wishing all those nominated luck! (We’re only saying that because we have to). 

Meet Us at SBC Barcelona, 2023

Our team will be flying the White Label Casinos flag at the Fira Barcelona Montjuïc at SBC Barcelona this year, so pop over to say hey at stand CG714 to chat all things White Label Casinos and to learn about what our solutions can do to take your casino to the next level.  

Chat about our newly acquired Kahnawake License, as well as our existing MGA and Curacao licenses and see what best fits your business needs. 

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