White Label Casinos is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming IFR Corporate Games event, set to take place on April 20th at Pembroke Football Grounds, Malta. As one of the main sponsors of this fantastic event, we are eager to showcase our commitment to giving back to the community by sending not one, but two teams of volunteers from our workforce to compete and support a great cause.

The IFR Corporate Games is much more than just a sports day, it’s an opportunity to win and make everyone else feel bad about themselves. JUST KIDDING. It’s for an amazing cause, extremely close to our hearts. Companies from various sectors come together to engage in friendly competition, participating in a range of games including tug of war, bungee run, archery, and more unusual, to say the least, activities. Come on, what could be better than seeing your colleagues who mean serious business during the week battle it out in a zorb ball? This inclusive event is holding its doors wide open to everyone, no zorb ball experience required! If you’re not participating in these sure-to-be hilarious activities, then there is an IFR village where you will find live music, entertainment galore, yummy food stalls, and an after-party for those of you who wish to keep the weekend vibes alive. 

The event marks the second chapter in a series of fundraising initiatives organised by the IFR. White Label Casinos proudly kicked off this journey with a successful poker tournament, with proceeds generously contributed to our longstanding charity partner, the MSPCA. Now, as we embark on the next phase, our focus shifts to a two-year fundraising campaign in support of St. Gerard’s School Trust. This new alliance serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to making a tangible difference in communities, once again highlighting WLC’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

Through this meaningful initiative, we continue to showcase our core value of giving back. As excitement builds around the office, our teams are gearing up for the challenge ahead. The enthusiasm among our volunteers is palpable and we’ve had a lot of interest, including a few sad faces from those who already had prior commitments. Fine. Your vet appointment is more important. Whatever. 

Nikola Vasovic, Managing Director at For A Cause Events Ltd. said: “Hosting the IFR Corporate Games is an exciting opportunity to blend networking with enjoyment, all in support of a noble cause. We’re thrilled to have White Label Casinos on board as one of our sponsors, adding to the excitement of the event. Join us at the Pembroke Football Ground on April 20th for a day of fostering connections, fun activities, and making a difference in our community.” 

Phil Pearson, CEO at White Label Casinos, said: “We’re very excited to be sponsoring the Corporate Games with IFR and all of their upcoming events. We are very much looking forward to achieving company glory at sumo wrestling and zorb ball bowling, we feel it’s a key part of our future growth. We’re aiming for a solid 2nd to last place! Sponsoring these events is helping us raise a lot of money for our charitable drive this year, raising €140k for St. Gerard’s School Trust. Plus, we get to give oranges to strangers! And nothing bad ever happened from giving treats to random people.”

As we count down the final days to the event, we invite you to join us and cheer on our teams from the sidelines. The more hype the better, and why not check out the food, music and general entertainment while you’re there. We hope you’re as excited to check it out as we are.