Why white label casinos are the only choice in a casino world of M&A and frequent regulation changes.

Gabor Budai, White Label Casinos Head of Product Optimisation sat down with our team to discuss the road ahead in 2024 for white labels in the iGaming sector. 

We delve into the evolving need for license regulation ease, customer-centric methodologies, and why the white label approach in a changing market is the only option for startups and businesses wanting to scale and go to market in under 6 weeks. 

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1. There is some debate around the increasing pressures and challenges when a business wants to launch an online casino, what do you believe a white label can do to minimise the ongoing industry restrictions around this?

White label solutions can certainly be a better alternative for businesses looking to launch an online casino, especially when trying to navigate the complexities and restrictions of the whole industry. It’s a cost-effective alternative as businesses can leverage existing infrastructure and resources without the need for significant investments. 

White label providers, such as White Label Casinos have extensive experience and knowledge of various regulatory frameworks, and these solutions typically provide a ready-made technical infrastructure, including a platform, payment processing systems, security measures and a range of casino games from industry-leading developers. 

White Label Casinos can assist in ensuring that the online casino brand operates in compliance with local and international laws and regulations. This minimises the need for negotiating individual contracts with game providers. 

In other words, a white label is ready made! It comes with existing licenses; saving a lot of time and effort in obtaining these crucial regulatory approvals. In fact, this can significantly speed up the launch process of the brand. Which is why we’re so proud that we can take an online casino to market between 4-6 weeks.  

A white label solution is designed to be scalable, allowing businesses to adapt easily to changing market conditions and regulations.  

2. How do white label casinos stand out from operators and why is it a better offering for players? 

For a start, our years of expertise and experience within the sector can really help others set up for success. The time and cost efficiency of setting up a casino brand; integrated payment solutions; a diverse games offering, scalability and flexibility; Customer Support, KYC and compliance services & branding opportunities is something to seriously consider.  

We’re an end-to-end solutions provider, with integrated payment options, a diverse games portfolio, customer support, KYC and compliance services and with vast branding opportunities and years of expertise, but even more so, we allow our clients more time and cost savings to quickly set up and run a scalable casino successfully.   

To further expand our vast portfolio of managed services, White Label Casinos partnered with a top-tier corporate services provider to offer company setup and banking, meaning we are truly a one-stop-shop for launching your casino business or expanding on your current offerings.” 

3. What’s a knock out of the park for White Label Casinos come 2024?

2024 has already been a big year for us, and it’s only February! After recently celebrating 12months of our re-brand and independently working as White Label Casinos, we have also added an exciting new platform to  our portfolio, an extensive amount of live casino games, strengthened our crypto offerings and even more excitedly sportsbook is now available!

4. To counteract overcomplicated payment solutions and slow withdrawals, what will White Label Casinos’ focus be for 2024? 

Owing to the partnership with our extensive list of payment providers, we are strongly focused on a user-friendly service which truly improves our payment offering.  

Facilitating online operators to receive payments smoothly is always the goal. 2024 is certainly about focusing on minimal friction transactions, providing players and operators with speedy payments, flexible deposits and pay-outs which is always an industry-wide goal. 

5. How does a modular offering make itself different across competitive regulated markets?  

Modular game content and preferred payment options allow White Label Casinos to offer a diverse range based on the preferences of players across different markets, or region-specific requests.   

This customisation can include region-specific games; different regions have unique regulatory requirements which have a priority focus on responsible gaming. Yet requirements can differ across regions.  

A modular solution allows the integration of responsible gaming features to align with these specific regulations of each market. 

As the iGaming landscape evolves, the ability to scale operations with a commitment to player safety is crucial. A modular offering allows for smooth scalability. 

6. ICE 2024 was very busy with operators and providers shouting about their business. Do you have any tips for starts ups when choosing a safe and successful online casino?

For startups, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence on potential partners. Some key measures are: 

  • Ensure the online casino operates within the legal frameworks of the jurisdictions it targets.  
  • Check if it offers a diverse and high-quality selection of casino games that they like to provide players.  
  • Ensuring the payment process is seamless, secure, and offers fast withdrawals with a responsive and knowledgeable customer support team.  
  • All reputable white labels implement responsible gaming features, including deposit limits, self-exclusion options and information on responsible gambling according to the regulatory requirements.  

In a fast-moving industry like iGaming, a successful online casino should be able to adapt to growth in terms of user base and technological advancements. A good white label casino will support in regularly assessing and improving every aspect of the online casino to keep up with industry trends and evolving player expectations. 

If you’re interested in getting into the world of iGaming and looking to open your own white label casino, then you’ve come to the right place. At White Label Casinos, we make what would otherwise be a complete minefield into a piece of cake.

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