In kicking off 2024 corporate social responsibility initiatives, White Label Casinos played a pivotal role as a main sponsor for IFR’s charity poker cup at the renowned Portomaso Casino in Malta.  

The event, organized in aid of the MSPCA, showcased the company’s commitment to giving back to the community while engaging in an exciting game of poker. Having run a year-long fundraising and awareness campaign in 2023 for the same organisation, White Label Casinos jumped at the opportunity to support the event, because who doesn’t love contributing towards ensuring dogs and cats in Malta have a better life!  

White Label Casinos CEO, Phil Pearson, not only took part in the poker tournament, but also, in true Phil style, set a challenge for participants—a bounty on his head. The bounty prize, a generous €500 Amazon voucher, added an extra layer of excitement to the competition. 

The poker tournament saw participants from over 20 nationalities and 17 companies vying for victory. In a twist of fate, Joonas Petteri from Finland emerged as the ultimate champion, claiming the top spot and the €500 Amazon voucher sponsored by Phil Pearson himself. The dynamic mix of participants created an exciting atmosphere throughout the tournament. 

Beyond the thrill of the poker games, the event served a noble cause. The tournament raised a substantial €3,300 in charity funds for the MSPCA, further solidifying White Label Casinos’ dedication to supporting meaningful initiatives. The total prize pool amounted to an impressive €4,035, demonstrating the collective generosity of the participating companies and individuals. 

Nikola Vasovic, Managing Director at For A Cause Events Ltd. said, ‘‘Last Saturday’s IFR Poker Cup dealt an unforgettable hand of unity, diversity, and philanthropy. As players from 17 companies and over 20 nationalities came together, each card played became a symbol of collaboration and camaraderie. We raised the stakes for a good cause, proving that in the game of life, compassion is the winning hand.’’ 

White Label Casinos, CEO Phil Pearson, reflected on the charity poker event, stating:The event itself was a lot of fun, which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to corporate events. The diverse mix of nationalities at the tables created an even better atmosphere, with players embracing bad beats with laughter and friendly banter. The poker action was solid, the venue provided a lively backdrop, and the heads-up battle, though challenging, showcased the undeniable prowess of a Finnish player in a hat who ran exceptionally well. Overall, we successfully raised a substantial amount for charity, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with For A Cause Ltd. on their impactful events.” 

This sponsorship aligns seamlessly with White Label Casinos’ corporate social responsibility initiatives in 2023, which focused on raising funds and awareness for the MSPCA. The company’s active involvement in such events not only showcases its commitment to social causes but also inspires others to follow suit, a goal spearheaded by Phil Pearson who hopes to inspire other iGaming companies to use their platform to give back to local communities.  

By combining the thrill of a poker competition with a commitment to giving back, the event highlighted the company’s ethos of making a positive impact beyond the gaming world. As the cards were dealt, White Label Casinos emerged not only as a key player in the poker arena but also as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to making a difference in the community. 

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